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Year Round Fishing at Deschambault Lake Resort



Fish caught on lake

Fishing is superb on our beautiful lake. There is plenty of room to fish the hot spots as Deschambault lake is fed by 5 spawning rivers, thus creating an abundance of fish. It has over 2000 miles of shoreline. Saskatchewan fishing regulations apply. While touring the lake you can find rocky shorelines ,sandy beaches, hidden bays, large fast moving rivers with lots of challenging rapids, and many original native trapper cabins.

Fish caught on lake ice fishing

Winter fishing at Deschambault lake resort is an excellent experience and one you will not soon forget. The lake is sometimes accessible by truck, but snowmobiles are the best. Sledding & tobogganing are available for your enjoyment. The ungroomed trails will take you over frozen lakes, through portages and past flowing rivers. Mother nature will surely impress you with such unsurpassed beauty. Many small lakes to explore and make your own fishing memories. Also lets not forget the northern lights they'll take your breath away.

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