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Please click on each cabin to see a list of the inventory we have in each cabin, as well as the bed capacity, and the layout of it.

Our cabins have been newly renovated with new flooring, brand new heaters, and have gotten an interior facelift! We are constantly growing and changing to provide you with a comfortable, great stay!


*All cabins have no bathrooms or running water in winter. We give 5 gallon water jugs for dishes & making coffee when you check in, our bathrooms and showers are located at the back of the lodge which you will get a key for when you check in. They are open 24 hours. We have running water in cabins in summer months only.



  • Our cabins have fitted sheets, pillows & cases on each bed, please bring your own bedding.

  • All our cabins are propane heated so they are always toasty & warm.

  • An inventory list for each cabin is included in the cabins pictures!

  • Need suggestions of what to bring? Blankets, your own pillows, and towels!  We have a convenience store full of things you will need on your trip! 


Call Us To Make Reservation


Map of cabins, and their location

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